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I Know it’s No Excuse, but…

Dear WordPress,

I am sorry, but I’ve been avoiding you.

It’s nothing personal, really. It’s completely about me; you’ve been terrific.

It’s just that I’ve been so … fragile, lately.

I can blame it on my temporary employment position… which cam as a result of a LAY-OFF, which is certainly capable of making one feel, um, less-than-great. But it’s not that.

Not really.

It’s that this time, this Spring/Summer, is so momentous for me.

I’m going from “mothering” one of my babies… his arrival being one of the most magnificent, glorious, wonderful things that ever happened TO ME…  to–well, whatever it is you become when your kid grows up and flies away from the nest.

And all I feel like posting is how huge this is, and how proud i am, and how scared i am, and how READY he is…

and I feel a little bad for my other two babies, who don’t seem to make the headlines so often.

And so I’ve just not posted. I’ve not told you he’s going to the University of Washington, which he considered his “fallback” school. I’ve not told you how hard it really is to get in there, and that I’m trying to convince him that getting accepted is an accomplishment.

He had his hopes set on Dartmouth. Or maybe Boston College.

It was a really tough year to get in.

He’s coming around. He wants to join a fraternity. I think he’s realizing it’s the beginning of a big adventure.

It’s the beginning of HIS life.

And it feels like the end of mine.

And so, this is why I’ve been neglectful of you, dear WordPress. And to you, my few faithful followers.

I’ve already told you how hard this is. You probably don’t want to hear it again.

I know I will survive this.

I’m just not sure how.


That Ticking Clock

The hubs and I attended LaSalle Girls’ last basketball game last night. They are out of the playoffs now, as they lost, but the loss is completely understandable as the entire team got food poisoning the night before. One girl even had to run off the court twice to throw up.

Just before halftime, our oldest, Michael, showed up. As he walked into the gym I couldn’t help but pause and stare at him a bit. There is no physical trace of my first baby left in him.

He grew into those huge, wide eyes and that plump little mouth. Now, almost six feet tall, he has a beard (a beard!) and wears glasses with hip frames.

He stopped on his way to the student section to say hello to a few teachers who were all smiles talking to him.

Three cheerleaders ran over to give him hugs. The boy is all gone.

He’s all man. In 30 days he turns 18.

A few months after that, he will leave for university, and he’s hoping for somewhere on the East coast.

I am so proud of him an I love him so much.

I don’t quite know how I will survive.

Halloween Fright

He’s 15. He’s a good boy. He is right where he’s supposed to be.

He’s growing up way too fast for me.

“Are you dressing up for your party?” I asked.

“We’re just hanging at her house,” he said of the friend. “It’s just like five of us. I have my tux tshirt on”

Okay. I know I know nothing about these things.

So an hour later, when i see my husband digging out an older, beautiful suit, i’m wondering why, until Michael comes downstairs in his “mobster” outfit. It’s his black dress pants and shirt, and a burgundy tie I’d bought for his father. He slipped on the perry ellis double breasted jacket.

“Fits,” Dad says.

It almost takes my breath away.

He’s so frickin HANDSOME. I am his mother, and I know I’m biased, but even with his football helmet induced acne, he is a gorgeous young man.

On the way to his little party, I say the regular things… make good choices… call me if you need to… Since he’s all in black, and it is Halloween, I ask him to promise to hold the hand of someone with a flashlight if they go out looking for candy.

I know, great excuse…”Uh, my mom says I need to hold you hand, kay?”

He’ll be driving in a couple of months. He’s looking into early admission to the University of Washington. He’s perfect.

And he’s growing up.

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