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Happy New Year!….meh… whatever

This year I did it. I consciously made NO resolutions. Not even the old standby: “To write more.”

Because it’s really just another day. January 1, December 12, June 7… It’s just another day.

And by really thinking about hopes and goals, by telling myself, “This is the year!,” I’m setting myself up for failure.


Because isn’t every year The year?

I continue to change and grow (or shrink). I let go and grab on to knew things. And it seems frequently, perhaps always, I am aware of what I did wrong… “I have sinned through my own fault, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do…”

So rather than set major goals… especially the kind that life frequently goes against… rather than setting myself up for a measurement that CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE… I’m going to become more aware, and simply, be more ME.

You may think that’s nothing… to be more ME. But as a don’t rock-the-boat, smooth-over-every-rough-surface, avoid-the-unpleasant kind of girl I am, this is really kind of huge.

I will continue reading zen-ish blogs and following love-yourself writers. That part won’t be hard.

I will make a little time to do nothing and just BE… that will take a little more effort.

And I will, eventually, become better at Being who I am–as opposed to being the person I think the world wants me to be.

So there.


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