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There is no title for this post. It is too scattered, too random.

The neighbor “Boy” is playing his guitar in his garage. He’s 17. He thinks his future career is in music.

The chords-especially the long low ones- vibrate through my windows, nearly an acre away.

I don’t mind.

He is 17. His gorgeous blonde hair is dyed black. He has big dreams.

I have pictures of him when he is three or four, digging in the dirt with our boys. Cherry juice smeared across their faces.

Our oldest son is in New Orleans. He’s gone on an “Immersion;” a school-based service trip.

He’ll be gone all week. He leaves for University in just a few, short months.

Our daughter is on the couch, doing homework. She’s disappointed because I won’t take her driving right now.

She’s 15. She already drove 45 minutes today. I say I’m done for the day, I am relaxing now.

She says I can relax while she drives.


I am feeling like I have missed something… that I’m not quite the parent that I believed I was.

I am not as good as I thought I was.

I’m sorry. I DID say this was pretty random.

This letting go is so hard.


My Fine Feathered Friends

I can’t say for sure why my new neighbors make me so happy, but they do.

Well dear, what do you think?

Get me a stick, will you?

Thank you.

I think I like it!

And it’s conveniently located right next to a restaurant!

The neighbors are a little flamboyant, seem to be nice enough.

We’ll take it!

I’ve moved

Joining the masses, I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress. The site is supposed to be much easier to manipulate, allowing for more customization. I’ve also been looking at a number of word press sites that are just CLEAN and appealing to me.

I’m at a new page of life, with a brand new job beginning Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday) and so figure this is a good time to start a new habit which is to WRITE!

Feel free to follow along and to prod me if I get lazy. I love to write; it is what I am meant to do, and yet I fail to make it a priority in my life. Time to change that.

So here I am, now at http://www.yakimamom.wordpress.com. It’ll be the same thing you got at allthingsmom-christina.blogspot.com, but that name was already taken over here.

Hope to see you soon!

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