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Vote NO on the Future

While driving two of the kids to school today, I notices new yard signs lining the main street of Selah. I paused long enough to read one:

I don’t normally use such terms, but WTF? There were 25 or more of them, placed alongside the Vote Yes for Kids signs.

It was startling, really. I’ve never seen a group go out and actively campaign against a school levy. Someone or some group spent money to have the signs printed, and then surreptitiously put them out in the middle of the night. They didn’t even have the courage to do it when someone might see, stop, and ask them about it.

Our own children don’t go to school in Selah. They attend a parochial school in Yakima. I realize that we are fortunate to be able to choose where our kids are educated, and that not everyone is in that position.

But never have the Judge or I voted NO on a public school levy or bond.

Today’s youth is our country’s future. I thought everyone understood that. Don’t we want to prepare tomorrow’s leaders as best we can?

My head ranted about this all day. At one point I decided I would go downtown tonight and quietly remove the signs. But that would make me as chickenshit as they group behind all this.

Who ARE these people?

OK. I think I’m done now.


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