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Memory Monday

I’m frequently struck by random memories that seem to come from nowhere. Events or days from my youth… so long ago…and yet they appear to me crisp and in focus. I’ve decided to give Mondays to them, which should help me make time to do this delicious thing called writing.

This past week as my husband propelled us down the highway for a quick trip to Costco, I recalled a small, inexpensive toy that was pretty prolific back in the day. I think they were called “clickers.”

Shaped like bugs or other characters, they were made of molded metal with a stiff piece that could be “popped” with one’s thumb to make a clicking sound.  My car roof makes the same type of sound in a really good car wash when it hits the blow dry section, only much louder. Does anyone else remember these clicker toys?

I did mention this might be random, right?



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One thought on “Memory Monday

  1. We have a few in the house that the grandparents bought for the kids a while back. They are highly addictive…click…click…click!

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