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Back in the Saddle Again


Thanks to fitnews.com

I’ve been temporarily employed since mid-February. It’s been good work, though the allowed 650 hours/6 month limit has always been looming, just out of the corner of my eye. My boss has encouraged me to keep looking for a permanent job, even though she’s happy to have me till July or so.

Right after my layoff in January, I did look. A lot. I put in applications at just about every hiring non-profit in the area. Most of the jobs weren’t a perfect fit, but they were jobs. With kids in parochial schools and one headed off to the UW this fall, finding a regular, permanent job is pretty important.

I got called for a few interviews. A couple were for jobs I didn’t really want. A couple others were for positions that sounded really good. One was for the career of my dreams.

I got called back for final interviews. I felt confident. 30 people narrowed down to three. I got a new skirt and wore pumps. I was a perfect fit.

Both times, the organizations chose someone else. Someone with more experience, a particular degree… One of the places didn’t even call to tell me. I found out on facebook.

And through these, “You’re good, but not good enough,” experiences, I’ve gotten a little leery of putting myself out there. I quit scouring the employment ads daily, told myself I was just keeping my ears open.

Problem is, I’m working from home. Most of what my ears catch all day is the dogs barking at passers by.

But the summer-like weather has reminded me that the season is indeed on it’s way. The job I have right now, working at my computer while still in my pajamas, will soon be coming to the end. So today I sent in two more applications. New openings that weren’t there a couple months ago.

I’m back in the saddle.

Ye haw. Ho hum.


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