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That Ticking Clock

The hubs and I attended LaSalle Girls’ last basketball game last night. They are out of the playoffs now, as they lost, but the loss is completely understandable as the entire team got food poisoning the night before. One girl even had to run off the court twice to throw up.

Just before halftime, our oldest, Michael, showed up. As he walked into the gym I couldn’t help but pause and stare at him a bit. There is no physical trace of my first baby left in him.

He grew into those huge, wide eyes and that plump little mouth. Now, almost six feet tall, he has a beard (a beard!) and wears glasses with hip frames.

He stopped on his way to the student section to say hello to a few teachers who were all smiles talking to him.

Three cheerleaders ran over to give him hugs. The boy is all gone.

He’s all man. In 30 days he turns 18.

A few months after that, he will leave for university, and he’s hoping for somewhere on the East coast.

I am so proud of him an I love him so much.

I don’t quite know how I will survive.


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2 thoughts on “That Ticking Clock

  1. Such a handsome young man!

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