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40 Days of Lent

Don’t let the heading throw you off. This is not an overtly religious blog. You won’t find anything too preachy here. But I do consider myself spiritual, and am anticipating this liturgical season to be a time to be more of the person I should always be.

For me, that means a good christian. But for others, it might mean a being decent individual, a stand-up kind of guy, or just an all around nice person. These are all qualities I try to live up to on a daily basis, but for the next six weeks, I’ll try to be really conscious of the decisions I make.

So today I had to scramble to find an Ash Wednesday Mass to attend. I didn’t go at school with Jack, so planned on the noon one at St. Paul’s. Then my hair appointment got moved, canceling out that one.

“…For dust you are, and to dust you will return.” Genesis 3:19

I found a Mass to attend this afternoon, and am now marked with ashes.  I know it’s just a vestige of the manmade part of religion, but for some reason, it’s important to me. I think maybe it’s a reminder that there is a master plan, and someone else really is driving this bus.

I mean, really. I have enough on my plate. I have no desire to be in control of it all.


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